Silver Lining

So there's this silver lining between a lot of things. That silver lining of your very own. That stands between being egoist and fighting for what you care. Between falling in love and staying real. Between forgiving and letting go. Between a lot..a lot of every damn little things. Between you and other people. Between what you believe and what other says. Between..a lot. And every single day I learn how to recognize that silver lining, learn to dance between a lot of stuffs that touch our life. Something you can't do by just listening to others, but eventually you gotta choose, fall, run, raise, feel helpless, feel incredibly happy, and thousands other things that may happen. Life, a complete jokes and happiness and tears. There's no exact instructions but somehow by doing it you realize there are some clues hidden waiting for you to see and recognize. Between those smiles and tears and everything in between. There's this silver lining that will just continue to somewhere. While you create your life..choose your options..and walk it through. What you want and what actually happens. What you wish and what you need. Bit of here and there. Love and hate. Lust and compassion. And here I am. Still learning to recognize, to feel, to think, to take risk, to say it's okay, to rise again, to dance again, to run again, and to fall again..but when you stop and look around, life is pretty much amazing, and beautiful in its own way. I thought one day I will figure things out, but maybe we will never figure everything all out. We will always learn, always listen, and always meet new things and understandings. What a life we have :)


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